Eliotec Corporation develops designs, fabricates, and consults optical systems and sensors in all industry fields.

About Eliotec

Contributing to Japanese Research & Development by Our Optical Technologies

Eliotec Corporation develops, designs, fabricates, and consults optical systems and sensors in all research and industry fields. What is optics and how is it used? You may imagine cameras, telescopes, copy machines, endoscopes, laser cutting machines, and etc. The optics is not only a key element of our modern life since lenses were developed by the ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian, but also a tool to discover, measure, analyze, or create something new. Eliotec Corporation supports you by designing, developing and fabricating optical systems. Although there is a good idea, people often don't know how to make it happen. We have provided many solutions to customers based on over 20 years of our experience in design and fabrication of single lens to complex analytical systems. Eliotec Corporation turns your ideas and concepts into reality.

Advantage of US

Eliotec Corporation has a thorough knowledge of optical, analytical, and medical systems and has developed many research and industrial instruments over 20 years. We also import/export optical systems and parts. Even though you don’t know how to determine specifications of lenses, we listen to your desire and propose solutions to match what you want. We will support you until you achieve your goal. Feel free to contact us to solve any kind of your problems related to optics.


Japanese optical technology is the world’s top class. Eliotec Corporation has contributed to researches and developments in Japan by our optical technologies over 20 years. We continue to make an effort to grow our optical technologies.